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1033 Budapest, Huszti út 52.

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Connecting a wide range of market segments
Colocation companies around the world rely on our high-density fiber management systems to connect incoming carriers to their valued customers. Our excellent cost per port and leading packing density make us the number one choice for regional and global colocation companies.

Our high performance cable systems provide financial companies with the reliability they depend on to maintain their business-critical connections. Our exceptional cable management to high-density SAN switches reduces cable clutter and improves vital air-flow to the equipment.

Flexibility is key in the broadcast sector, and at HUBER+SUHNER we pride ourselves in delivering customisable solutions that fit the specific needs of our customers. We are working with many of the world's largest broadcast companies that require the perfect combination of density, flexibility and speed.

HUBER+SUHNER has been supplying the telecom market since its inception. Our technologies are used in all areas of the network and we are the ideal supplier for companies moving towards a converged all IP infrastructure. We support the requirements from the legacy network and we understand the challenging needs of the future.

The government sector requires reliability and traceability in every aspect of their business. Our products are designed in such a way as to negate installation errors and avoid costly or embarrassing errors during the lifetime of the network. Our combination of high-end copper, fiber optics and distributed antenna systems perfectly matches the demanding needs of hotels and casinos where signal availability is everything. Customers and end-users can enjoy seamless signal quality from the minute they check in till when they check out.
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